IOS Mobile Application Developer

Job Description

We are seeking an IOS Apps Developer to work with our team and develop IOS applications for a variety of devices based on the requirements.

Required Experience and Qualifications

Experience: 2- 5 years

Roles and Responsibilities

1. Develop and create the applications with the proficiency of native iOS framework and IOT Concepts
2. Expected commitment towards collective issue solving, sophisticated design, and a quality product are essential.
3. Devotion towards creating innovative solutions for complex problems.
4. Maintain code quality, strong knowledge in Objective C and swift, understanding of iOS design regulations and interface guidelines
5. Familiarity with the cloud message APIs and push notifications
6. Skill in C and C++, experience with Objective-C, JavaScript, and JSON
7. The ability to design applications in other platforms like Android would be considered as an added advantage
8. Familiarity in UI/UX design in mobile devices.
9. Strong ability in SQLite and Core Data Framework
10. Good command over HTML and JavaScript
11. Understanding of object-oriented design and product life cycle knowledge and related problems.
12. Need a strong ability in delivering projects as an individual contributor and as a team member.